Teresa Hagape Atelier

About Teresa Hagape

Tet Hagape embraces a guiding discipline in every creation that she undertakes in bridal gowns and other design works. The pervading simplicity and uniqueness of her design creations bring out the natural elegance yet sophisticated beauty of her clients.

Less is more. Simplicity brings out elegance.

Her cuts and designs always follow the uniqueness of the body stature, form contour, size, and natural tone and complexion of her clients. Her design concepts, color tones and hues, simple or intricate beadworks and laceworks, and the combination fabric materials and textures she creates should highlight and compliment the client's innate physical beauty and personality. She painstakingly conceptualizes and articulately attends to every detail to address the precise needs of her clients, ensuring nothing is compromised, only perfection is achieved.

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